Casa de Contratista

Casa de Contratista is the completion of a dream that was born within the family circle more than 10 years ago, when Agritourism had not even been mentioned in Mendoza.” José Ianardi, doctor, plastic artist and one of the promoters of this venture, describes this gastronomic and cultural venture located in Chacras de Coria, using the previous words.

A decade later, that illusion became true and the house opened its doors at the beginnings of 2010.

Casa de Contratista is a tribute to the countryman form Mendoza, his tireless work and his family.That man that historically had an essential role in the growing of grape and wine production in Mendoza. It is in appreciation of our parents and grandparents, who began this noble task a hundred years ago, with Grandfather Enrique and his labor as a farm manager in
Aguinaga farm.

Saving the heritage

The progress of urbanization is a permanent attack to the provincial vine-growing heritage, and Luján is one of the most exposed places to this invaluable loss.

Taking into account this context, the project of Casa de Contratista aimed to defend the property from the advance of urbanization. The affection for the vineyard and the family history, similar to the one of many mendocinos, was stronger than the commercial aspect.

Casa de Contratista makes the landscape of Luján de Cuyo keep a historical vineyard of the emblematic stock, the original house of a vineyard worker, it also recovers the figure of the contratista (farm manager) that tend to disappear as a consequence of the advance of new technologies and the real-estate business.

The figure of the contratista…

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