Casa de Contratista

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A gastronomic and cultural venture, located at an authentic farm manager's house (the farm manager is known as "contratista") and surrounded by a hundred-year-old Malbec vineyard, an old walnut tree, original vineyards of a typical mendocina gallery, a small boutique winery and antique tools used in the farm. The yearning is completed by the aroma of a traditional and simple cooking, recovered from family recipes.
Casa de Contratista

In chacras de coria you will find a new place to revive our things…

a centenary Vineyard Malbec
the typical house contractor
a cultural hall
regional cuisine and warm and specialized care of the family
Ianardi ...

Almirante Brown1761, Chacras de Coria, Luján, Mendoza, Argentina. --- Tel: +54 (261) 4965967 - 261 6343517 /